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The Mingati WIldlife Foundation relies on Targeted Fundraising campaigns in order to support our three-pronged approach to Conservation. We run a number of Conservation Centric Safaris through Martin Meyer Safaris and Girl in the Wilderness as well as through a number of other Safari Partners. Conservation is an expensive endeavour and without the ongoing support of our donors and travellers we would never be able to affect tangible positive change throughout the regions.

As none of our directors draw a salary from the Mingati Wildlife Foundation, and our experts all volunteer their time without charge, we are able to ensure that every cent donated to the Mingati Wildlife Foundation reaches the people and wildlife on the ground.

We are very aware of donor fatigue and we do not consider ourselves "just another foundation" where there is a lack of transparency of where donor funds are being spent. We provide full recons of every donation to the donor with evidence of donations being spent on vital goods and materials instead of overheads and running costs.

We have created a donor wishlist, where our donors can see the cost of the equipment that each project uses and either donate a portion of the cost towards the equipment or the total value.

We are currently in the process of renegotiating costs with suppliers and will make these wishlists available online once we have confirmed new pricing models with these vendors.