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The Mingati Wildlife Foundation was born under the African Skies, outside the small border town of Alldays. It is here in the northern most part of South Africa, where across the Limpopo and Shashe Rivers lie Botswana and Zimbabwe, that three friends sitting around a fire with a Gin & Tonic were discussing the plight of the free roaming carnivores in the region and how to combat the challenges and human-wildlife conflict that is rife across all three countries.

It was an absolute "AHA!" moment that led to the formation of the Mingati Wildlife Foundation, where Antje, Martin and Rox decided that through their passion and dedication they could make a tangible difference to not only the wildlife but also the surrounding communities.

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Our hearts all beat towards the same goal, leaving a better world behind for future generations and to create a legacy of like minded conservationists. Each one of our projects is carefully vetted and audited before we embark on a partnership. The reality is that Human Wildlife Conflict is a massive threat to Carnivores, Plains Game, Eco-Systems and Humans alike. 

The Mingati Wildlife Foundation takes a three pronged approach in each region that we operate in, Namely Carnivore Conservation, Anti-Poaching Support and Community Upliftment. The easiest way to ascertain if you have a healthy balanced eco-system is to monitor your Carnivore Population. If the Carnivore Population is out of balance, your Plains Game as well as your Flora is going to be out of sync. The Anti-Poaching Support and Community Upliftment ties directly into our Carnivores - our projects also allow us to supply resident researchers with vital data to maintain a balanced and healthy eco-system.

Sadly, Poaching is not limited to Rhino - every single day we loose countless animals to Poaching, whether it is for bushmeat to feed a starving family or if it is a result of a Predator killing livestock, the numbers are disheartening. Our Anti-Poaching Support Projects equip and train local community members to not only earn a living but with a tangible skillset that is vital to conserving these natural wildlife areas.

The Community Upliftment Projects aim towards creating a better future for the communities living adjacent to wildlife areas, by giving the women the opportunity to become small business owners and entrepreneurs, thus providing sustainable income for their families. We are also looking at scholarship programs for young individuals who have shown a passion for wildlife conservation and who would like to improve their future opportunities. 

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